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Received update TA1033

Today I have received the Oreo 8.0 update in the Netherlands on my Nokia 6 TA 1033 :-))

Yay. First confirm for the TA-1033. Hopefully won't be long until the UK receives it.

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Stil no update TA-1033 betab 8.0 Netherland
Switzerland received update ta1033
Germany, no update from Oreo beta on my TA-1033.

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Nicee guys :) I have also TA 1033 but I am in Serbia. This means that I will soon get the update ! :)
Hi everybody I'm also on a TA 1033 Morocco, I have been on 8.0 official since Monday night. I've done the trick mentioned around, get into the apps, show the system ones via the 3 dots, get to Google framework services, wipe its cache and data... But I had to do it more than 10 times. The best way I found to get it, is to close all the other apps before doing the cleaning of cache and data ( the only thing open is the settings ) Then you go looking for the update, and once again you gotta be careful, the update showed up for me the first time and disappeared. Don't click like crazy on " search update " it shows up sometime with a bit of delay, just after the first try. So do the wipe, go to the update, click once on "search for update" wait till it finishes, wait 5 seconds more, and if you're lucky it will show up and then you gotta be fast before it disappears. For the features everything works great, Dolby Atmos is back, woohoo ! And yes it's fully functional, nothing about the double tap to wake :/, hope to see more updates something like 8.1.

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here in the Netherlands, no update..i have beta orea.. for the same phone. Only no update.
The Google service framework worked great for me. Had to clean data only once now downloading Oreo.

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Clear google framework data did the job also on my ta1033 but :) i was not able to install it, once i restarted the phone it came to boot up screen xD i had to swipe data / factory reset in order to install the update ! Now it is even faster an I am very pleased with my phone!

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My Nokia 6,TA-1033, running on Oreo beta did't get Oreo stable yet. The phone of my college, Nokia 6,TA-1033,running the 7.1.2. get the Oreo stable yesterday. Same model,same operator,same network...maybe the problem is Oreo Beta? Bosnia&Herzegovina.
i recieved last theusday the update and i was in beta 8.0 ta-1033 netherlands

Bosnia&Herzegovina received update TA - 1033. Today!

Today I have received the Oreo 8.0 update in Serbia on my Nokia 6 TA 1033.
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