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microSD card is not available as internal storage


I'm running the Android Oreo 8.1 Beta on my Nokia 8 and just recently inserted a 64 GB microSD card (Samsung Evo). It got properly detected and formatted as external storage space, but I can't format it as internal storage space nor move any apps to the microSD card. This is a feature which has been introduced with Android Marshmallow. Is this on purpose or a bug of the beta?

In any case I would much appreciate if Nokia could add support for microSD as internal storage space.

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It wasn't available in 7.1.1, 8.0 or 8.1, it isn't a bug of the 8.1 Beta.


It wasn't available in 7.1.1, 8.0 or 8.1, it isn't a bug of the 8.1 Beta.

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Ok, thanks for clarification so I suppose this is a decision by design. Nevertheless this is a bit disappointing especially considering it affects the flagship model. I hope they provide support for microSD as internal storage somewhere down the line in the future. I've reported this thru the Feedback app anyway.

If the phone had only 8 or 16GB i could see why it is a problem but given the Nokia 8 has a minimum of 64GB then i think it is a smart move not to allow it. Not only does it slow things down an SD Card just isn't as reliable as the NAND flash used as storage on any phone let alone the Nokia 8.

Just tell your camera apps to store to the SD Card and place all your music and videos on the SD Card and the chances of you filling the phone storage up is very unlikely indeed.

I'm sure that when I first got the phone there was an option to use an SD card as internal storage. Really should be an option. Just make sure your using a class 10 minimum along with one of the new app speed ratings. Would benefit end users and also be good for Nokia showing that they are not trying to charge premium for another chunk of storage

It's never been available on the Nokia 8, i use a SanDisk Extreme Pro micro SD Card and i still don't consider it fast enough for internal storage, which ever way you look at it it just isnt as fast as the internal NAND.

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