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Where can i get firmware for the Nokia 7?

I'm looking for the official firmware but i don't see it anywhere

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I have the same problem ... Nokia 7 stuck on android ... only download mode ... No recovery ... Nokia should do something about that 

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Same here.

My phone got stuck in "Powered by Android", and nothing can do.

Got same problem. Yesterday I could choose language and and wi-fi and then checking for updates. Today morning i had download mode and afternoon nothing, only "Powered by android" or charging screen. Now I cant even turn it off, only if it discharge its off. What should I do ?

 I have the same problem. I am asking you for help from the piter4x4(at)gmail(.)com

Same issue here. :-) Currently regretting buying a Nokia Phone 

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Hi all. My name is Vitali and i alco have Nokia 7 stuck in "Powered by Android" :-)

Hi, so i can happily say i fixed my Nokia 7. I think we all had the same problem. 

The issue (i think) is with the bootloader where it says it's corrupted and like this it doesnt trust the phone so it wont start. I managed to fix it by unlocking the bootloader. You need the Update Tool and the Firmware. Search it on XDA. You don't even need to flash it, just start the process until you notice smth different on your screen. Different charging animation. :) I am enjoying my Nokia phone for the last month, all smooth. up to now. In case you need more details i can gladly help 

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I have the same problem. What should I do?

user1523784636261 please help me

The Oreo is already released, you can have a ROM installed on your device that makes it impossible to upgrade, you have to go back to Chinese ROM.

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