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Will Nokia 6 get 8.1 oreo beta??

Hi there , Iam a happy Nokia 6 (8.0)user and optimistic about Nokia 6 getting 8.1 beta soon. I hope it'll soon get the Oreo 8.1 beta , right??

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Lol they gave barely gotten a few phones in a few countries on Oreo. 8.1 isn't going to happen for a while. If ever.

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i am quite sure to get 8.1. W8 for Mr. Sarvikas announcement. With a bigger or smaller delay, nokia always held the expectations. And call me one person, which is always right on time :)

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Mr. Sarvikas is a salesman trying to sell you things. And no. Nokia under HMD has not always held expectations. They purchased the Nokia name. And so far have not lived up to the brand.

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