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Bluetooth auto connect issues

My Sony WF-1000X BT headphones don't connect properly under the beta firmware. They show on the list of devices available, and on a reset of the phone auto connect but don't auto connect like they used to when I turn them on. Sometimes connection hangs when I try to manually do it, sometimes this is fixed by turning BT off/on again but sometimes only a reboot will sort it. Have the same issue with sporadic connectivity to my Huawei Watch too. Neither issue was present under the old firmware.

I should have added, I tried forgetting and re-adding the devices but it didn't make any difference.

My in car bluetooth has become almost unusable since this update, will only connect if I turn bt off and on again in the phone, even then it's suffering dropouts and if Google maps etc wants to talk it disconnects, if I switch from say podcasts to a music app it also disconnects...
Have you tried to reset your network settings? I'm not sure if this will solve the problem, but you can always give it a try.
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