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HMD and sustainability

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Hi everyone,

I recently the "greener electronics guide" from Greenpeace. Any idea where HMD sit for use of energy, resources and chemicals? I would hope at least C, but since manufacture is by Foxconn we'd have to include them in the assessment too, and I'm not sure they'd be so green...

If anyone knows anything please join in.

Cheers :)

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I looked into this a bit more and l fin found some other rankings which give the HMD/FIH/Nokia partnership for Nokia phones quite a good score: However I'm not convinced the are very well researched yet, since the new Nokia phones partnership is quite new. Another thing I learned is that Foxconn actually assemble iPhones for Apple, and Apple gets good rating in the Greenpeace report wh which is thereforea good indicator for the new Nokia phones.
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