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Update to Oreo?

I was smart about it and disabled automatic updates before oreo came out. Do I keep being smart and leave it that way? Do any of you experience bugs with the TA-1021 version? Thank you 

I'm scared after reading so many complaints xD
I have TA-1021 too but I haven't received Oreo yet.

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The guy that said his oreo is fully functional regreted it, lol

Try restoring the factory settings. For me this act.

Do anyone at all have a good experience with Android O? As I read it is bad. I do not know if I can install it at all. As I read, support does not answer what I take for a big mistake.

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Yes, it all works ...... so far.

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Here the same...not a orea update ...only beta with security december. I lose patience in Nokia ....hope it goes better, otherwise the next phone not more a nokia.

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I think it will put strain on the Snapdragon 430 that is inside the Nokia 6. I hope HMD don’t put the next version of Android on the Nokia 6
Why a beta 8.0 in december...this works good and Faster as the 7.1 on my 430. Only I can not back.... or receive the orea stable with security from Jan/feb. I have the TA 1033 in the Netherlands...some people have a update. Here nothing ...have reset the phone,only beta december 洛
Which oreo nokia release do you got? I have oreo 8.0 v5.22A pending to download

v5.22A is the  latest and better one 

To be honest I did say even if zi still got the Nokia 6 I would try to get it on Nougat. If I get it on Oreo I don’t mind but if I get a 7.1 version I won’t update it to Oreo. App support is still priceless on Android 7.0 Nougat
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