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Official Accessory Availability

I've been trying to get my hands on an official leather flip case (brown) for my Nokia 8 since late December last year. By searching through Google I can find only 1 reputable retailer in my country (Finland) through which I've placed the order. The order has been delayed now for well over 6 weeks and the retailer is indicating that there is no guaranteed resupply date in the horizon...

When asking about the issue through support, they indicate that one could buy directly from them in some countries or that to turn to a reputable retailer locally. Well I can not find such a link anywhere with common means and the only reputable vendor for Official accessories is selling out-of-stock...

To me this sounds like that HMD Global is either having serious issues with their supply chain (be it monetary or anything else) or that they are just indifferent to the released products after the initial batch.

Please do not destroy the brand as I would like to keep supporting it.

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I've the same problem trying to buy a "simply" battery charger, I can't find it anywhere, no with amazon, neither on ebay or sold by other physical stores (Italy) or other website store.

I'm talking about original branded "Nokia-HDM battery charger", something really basic!

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I am from India. Searching for original Charger for Nokia 8. Still cannot be found. If anyone has any information from where it can be purchased, please suggest.

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Regarding the charger any third party charger that supports Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 will charge your Nokia 8 just fine. It will also charge with usb c power delivery although I found when charging it with such a charger when it gets to about 85 - 90% it keeps disconnecting from the charger.

I've just use the customer support chat to ask about the availability of the Nokia 8 flip case as advertised on the nokia site ( ).

Although the item is on the site, it is not available in the online Nokia shop (which bizarrely does have some cases for some other Nokia phones - )

Customer support don't seem to be able to pass me on to anyone in Nokia who does know why its not in the shop or who can give me an official list of re-sellers.

I have asked them to escalate, but am not holding my breath. :(

Hopefully at some point, senior management or shareholders will realise how much this damages the company's reputation and potential sales as presumably the minimal effort needed to keep customers happy would actually result in more sales and be self funding if not actually increasing profits.

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Very strange that Nokia accessories aren't available in Finland! Can't you visit HMD's office? (joke) :D

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