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Mixer audio input not possible in Video mode?

I want to do Live streaming using this phone. But using the audio from my mixer.

I notice when I add a TRRS cable or even the headphones that come with the phone and place the phone in Video mode, it still continues to record audio from the phone's microphones.

Ideally, the audio input should switch to the headphone mic or the line in from the mixer. Depending on what is connected. But it does not. It continues using external phone microphones.

I downloaded the Phillips Audio recorder app from the Play Store. And connected the headphones, and it worked fine. The audio was captured through the headphone mic, as it should.

However, it does not happen with Camera Video Mode.

This is a big issue as it prevents from going live with music and microphone audio from the mixer.

Can this be solved? Or do I need to get a new phone?

Please advise. 


Amrit Ray

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