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Nokia 6 could not handle humidity of one week in Thailand

Warranty service conclusion was "moisture on the circuit board" = will not be serviced under warranty.

Naturally we are not happy about the conclusion, brand new phone should be able to handle humidity of Thailand. 

Nokia has stated somewhere (in weibo) that this phone should be able to sustain 95-97% humidity, clearly this individual phone did not have that kind of build.

How and where to escalate? - 1st service company and sales channel have washed their hands of this issue.

I was 4 weeks in Singapur and Vietnam and in rainy season(November),I didn't have any problems then and I don't have now..

Good for you sass, but do you know how to escalate the issue - if someone else's phone doesn't for as it should? that was the question.

Tech Wizard

"moisture on the circuit board" is sadly a common excuse when the retailer or the workshop don't want to replace or repair the phone under warranty.

A consumer rights protection agency is the only way to escalate.

Rain water and tap water is harmless in most cases, but sea water and sweat is corrosive.


Ok Kimmo,I probably misunderstood you there,I thought you were complaining about a bad build quality of the phone but alright then,from my previous experiences with this kind of issues,if they(my service provider) figured out that it got something to do with water/moisture damage then they washed their hands clean and said it doesn't go under the warranty, I wasn't in the mood to start arguing with them either so that was that I bought a new phone.
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