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Streaming Background Apps getting closed

On Android 8.0.0 Nokia 5 on two devices apps like Amazon Music, Audials, Google Play Music stop playing music in about 30 minutes or 1 hour. The apps are not running. They will be closed or crashes. I testet factory reset and enery options in android. It is not running more than about 30 minutes. Is this an Nokia or Android 8 bug?

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Do the apps actually get closed? Does the music start again when you wake up the phone? Might just be doze mode kicking in.

Yes the apps getting closed. You must restart the app then you can play the music again. It is maybe the doze mode. The apps closing in 30 minutes. I checked every energy option but it will not work.

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I have the same problem on Nokia 5 TA-1053 Oreo 8.0, around 30 minutes listening music on apps like TuneInRadio, Google Play Music or Spotify and then all of them getting closed. The only music app that is not getting closed after this time is the native radio -_-. Can somebody tell me if this issue exist on Nougat 7.1.1? I'm considering to make a downgrade. Help please, music apps are very very important for me :(
There is a workaround. You can use Forcedoze app with adb permissions. Forcedoze can deaktivate doze when the power cord is connected. So it works while loading. You can also use a power pack. It works for me.
What do you mean with power pack?
Power pack - akku extension but there is a better work around. CPU Awake App works fine.

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Thanks a lot more than 2 hours and counting with the app that you mention! :) Now I will look the battery behavior during the day. Even so, do you know if this issue was also on Nougat 7.1.1? I don't know because I made an upgrade to Oreo the day after that I bought the phone :p
I don't know if the bug exist on android 7.

Ok, after almost 2 days of testing the CPU Awake app, this is my conclusion.

The app fixed my problem (and the problem it was not only with streaming music, also with own music from SD storage), I didn't note several changes on battery performance but the RAM consumption is around 100-110 MB, for me is too much and I cannot accept it.

So, because this issue and some SMS problems (on income messages, sometimes I receive it and sometimes I don’t) I will return to Nougat 7.1.1.

I will write again with another conclusion about it.

Have exactly the same problem with my Spotify premium account.

I can confim that it started after the upgrade to android 8.0.

What about a reaction from Nokia/Hdm are you working on a solution for this anoying problom?

Spotify Premium @ Nokia8: there were no problems on 8.1 beta, it started to shut down on 8.1 stable.

I have the same problem on my brand new Nokia 8 (with Oreo) and it's been driving me nuts. All music apps I've tried shuts down after appx. 35 minutes. I'll try the CPU Awake solution and see if it helps. I think Nokia are some of the first phones on Oreo, right? So maybe it'll get some more attention when Samsungs start getting updated. 

The "Wake Lock - PowerManager" works for me, a Partial_Wake_Lock keeps the CPU alive, while I'm listening to music. Pfeeew. I needed that fix.

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I'm having the same issue. It's real fun to have to stop my motorcycle, pull over, remove my gloves, dig my phone out of my pocket, and restart google play music every 30 minutes. 

The beta had no issues with this, but it's been a problem since the stable release. 

Nokia 8 TA1052

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