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Nokia 8 showing Download mode

Hi, I have just purchased a new Nokia8 phone. When I powered it up, it works fine then I turned it off to put my SIM and card into it. After inserting card and SIM, It is not getting powered up , Only showing me that Download mode. Powered by Android. I have put it on charge till 1 hour but no charging led blink up, neither device goes ON. I tried to Hard reset but it is not showing anything except Download mode. Please suggest what to do now? Do I need to left it on charging for more hours? Else?

Try taking out the Sim card again and powering on, could be the problem if the card is old otherwise I'd suggest taking it back to the supplier.

Sounds like it's bricked or something.

Try to enter recovery and attempt a full wipe, otherwise if that doesn't work out take it back to the retailer

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