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Update problems

I still do not get final version of android 8.0 because the beta program is over

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Can't open menu when battery is low , speakers volume not working properly and it's too loud , adaptive is nit good

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Same here, the sound is extremely loud since the update to Android 8.0.0. on Feb 9 2018...
@Yzcc: You can try turning off Dolby Atmos in Settings > Sound. Apparently something is wrong with Dolby Atmos on Oreo. Hope it'll be fixed soon, preferrably in the next update.

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@volk: thank you very much ! I found the answer while reading other posts.

To get stable oreo , need to use vpn app. I used opera vpn app, downloadet from play store. Put out your sim card , clean data and force stop google services framework (not disable) , connect with vpn. Try different country , i am in greece and i connected with singapore. For me worked.
This update is seriously ruining the dolby atmos feature. The main reason i bought the nokia 6 is because of its glorious audio specs, dual amplifier, stereo speakers, dolby atmos. However, this oreo update completely trash itself, the audio produces hissing sound, volume instability all at once. Please fix this and make it back to normal nokia...
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