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Screen mirror

No screen mirror option found in Nokia 3 setting I meant the function to display my phone screen to smart TV without any WiFi connection OtHer Android phone OS are capable doing that. Any idea to solve this?

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Tech Wizard

Yes one of the down sides of having a stock Android.
It's really bad experience of my life when I bought Nokia 3 , it's have no screen mirroring casting options. If u buy any 3rd class even Chinese mobile they have Mirroring option. If Nokia return over Mony then it will again out from Mobile industry.

It should have support for casting your screen to a Smart TV but after Android 5.0 Google disabled Miracast at the system level in favour of their proprietary Chromecast. Miracast can be enabled but only through rooting or via the manufacturer enabling it.

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Tech Wizard

Also I don't know why but the 'Cast' option can be found only if we tap search icon in the 'Setting' Menu by typing 'cast'. And there is an option for Wifi Direct in the Wifi settings if you have a device that supports casting through that.

The cast option should be in quick settings if you choose the pencil to edit them.

Tech Wizard

No i can't find it in the quick setting toggle in the pencil option either. Maybe because I'm in 8.0 Oreo. It maybe a bug I guess.

That's odd, it's there on my Nokia 8 but then I have Android 8.1 instead. Having said that the Cast quick setting has been there since before Android 5.0

Tech Wizard

Well I was taking about the Nokia 3. It's just in Oreo 8.0 at the moment. Its a bug for sure in Nokia 3 then.

I was just using my phone as a comparison, that's all. I think it must be a bug.

Tech Wizard

Oh! I thought you didn't know that I was talking about Nokia 3. :)
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