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Internal memory

Pls suggest how to shift application from internal memory to external memory in NOKIA 3.
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For this you will have to format the sdcard and make it as extension of internal memory. Fir this - 1) copy sdcard data to computer memory. 2) format sdcard using computer. Use fat32 or exfat format.3) insert sdcard in will detect the sd card as new sdcard.3) phone os will give two options for is use sdcard as storage media and second option is use sdcard as extension of internal memory to store apps also.4) choose 2nd option. Phone os will give warning that performance might slow down when option 3 is choosen. Neglect the warning and go ahead. 5) after formatting is over, you will find that file manger will show a common internal memory. The total memory shown will be equal to original internal memory of phone plus the sdcard memory.
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