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Camera firmware update Nokia 8

Hi, I buyed this Nokia 8 mobile instead of iPhone 8 because Nokia is my childhood best and BLINDLY trusted brand... Hence to support them I buyed Nokia 8 very expensive for main priority I buyed this for camera im selfie lover Seriously camera is bad need to work alot on this department some guys giving suggestions better to give suggestions for me instead of Nokia department... Before clicking the snap the picture in camera excellent but after we take a shot, the pic is not sharp.... focusing just failed in Nokia 8..... besides low light pics oh god no words to explain.... Hence @juho sarvikas also using his smart intelligence now a days he not opening his mouth in Twitter about people asking Nokiadevice 8 camera firmware update...? Almost loss patience because it's around 4 months waiting for camera firmware update no beginning buying this handset watched lot of reviews in YouTube and noticed camera is bad...but I strongly feel at that moment it's the Nokia flagship phone means prestigious to BRAND hence they fix camera issues very very soon, here I fail in my prediction oh HMD NOKIA.... If anyone of you know about when we get camera firmware update or else I tried to buyed this with loss guys.... Please don't suggest me use 3rd party applications and some camera tricks

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The front camera doesn't have image stabilization so you when you take the pic you need to keep the phone steady especially in low light as it will need a longer exposure. On the rear camera only the colour sensor has image stabilization. With the stock camera app I have had better results with HDR turned on, sometimes I've got better pictures without using the flash. Using the flash will turn HDR off. I do agree that sometimes the camera has trouble focusing and its low light performance is not as good as some other brands. This is partly due to software and also some hardware limitations. The Nokia 8's camera has an f2.0 lens which means it doesn't let in quite as much light a as say a phone with an f1.7 lens. It does have a monochrome sensor which is more sensitive but this unfortunately doesn't have image stabilization. I think with some software tweaks better results could be obtained form the hardware as people who have used the Google camera APK have reported some good results. I'm sure Nokia will give us something soon. Sometimes it can take a while to develop software and get it working how should it's not always a simple task.

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How do you know they aren't working on it right now rather than ignoring it? If the camera is as bad as you claim do you think it can be fixed quickly? Wouldn't you rather wait until Nokia are absolutely happy before releasing something?

Seems to me 90% of the people with problems are having them in low light and low light is always going to be extremely hit and miss. If you want to take low light photos use the rear colour sensor only so you have OIS on your side, take a deep breath before shooting, put your elbows into your body to make you as stable as possible and don't jab at the phone to take the shot, be gentle, the phone is light and has very little mass to dampen vibrations, the majority of the blur in lowlight photography is induced by the user moving.

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Yes I know that before taking snapshot the phone should be very steady....I use that in front cam some times pics are not sharp...... Talking about low light I already mention Don't use your knowledge on camera like f1.6 gives better then f2.0 aperture everyone knows this..... As your question how do you know that their are not working on camera and do you feel it's easy to write code for camera........ Here you need to note one point I didn't mention their are not working on camera as well as code is easy.....I mean after long sleep Nokia wake up and brings its first FLAGSHIP hence people have lot of expectations because Nokia is brand at camera hence getting this issues causes irritating here we need patience that's why I asked here if anyone know when they update let me know...??? Simply don't question others without reading properly
The Nokia 7 has had camera updates, I would say that it is quite likely that they would bring those updates to the Nokia 8 at some point. I'm sorry if you felt I didn't read your question properly was just trying to offer some tips and give you some reasons as to why it doesn't perform as well as we would all like. I don't disagree at all that their is room for improvement and I'm pretty sure some of the issues can be resolved with a software update to the camera app.

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@1507208628483 Hey dear friend no need to sorry we are family... thanks for knowing me about Nokia 7 camera application

user1512184697340 Please do not criticise people for not reading posts properly, it is quite difficult when your English is so bad, people are only trying to help.

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I took the following test shots (100% crops) to show the difference gained from using the Nokia camera app with twin lens selected, colour only lens and one of the ported Google camera apps. In this case it's cstark27's app -  cstark27_GCam_5.1.018_24_v3.3 which is ported from the Pixel line of phones.

I think the ported app produces the sharpest focus, followed not far behind by the Nokia 8 app with colour only lens. The Nokia app twin lens is quite a bit softer than the other two images.

Ported Google camera app.


Nokia 8 Camera app Color only lens


Nokia 8 Camera app Twin Lens


Whilst there are limitations to the capabilities of the individual Nokia 8 hardware elements, the twin lens processing and speed should be better than it is. (If you want to see a comparison with an older Nexus 5X have a look at thread )

I hope HMD/Nokia will carry on trying to improve the standard camera app as I don't like having to sideload APKs onto my phone to get a decent image. The camera setup should be better than it is.

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Here are three more 100% crops for info, taken outdoors in strong high contrast winter sunshine. They are of the front of a wooden garden bench bench and the point of focus each time is the middle front leg of the bench, which is at the centre of the crop.

All of the images were taken straight after each other, handheld. Two of the images were the Nokia 8, one with the standard supplied camera app using only the color lens. (I didn't bother with twin lens as it is much the weakest link. being pretty soft in my opinion.) and also the ported Google Pixel Camera app as in my earlier pictures above. The third image is the Nexus 5X, which has a great camera with a sensor with larger photo-sites than the Nokia which helps resolve more details especially in low light.

Have a look and I will put my thoughts on the results below.

Nokia 8 Camera App color only Lens


Nokia 8 Ported Google Pixel camera app


Nexus 5X Standard camera app


If you view them at full resolution, I think that whilst the the Nexus has a little more detail, the Nokia 8 with color only lens isn't far off and the ported Google pixel app has managed to get some more detail in areas the Nexus has just blown out, like the front of one the paving stones at the bottom of the image.

Hopefully this means that better results are capable from the Nokia 8 hardware IF  HMD/Nokia keep working on improving the installed app.  I do think it is a great shame the camera struggles as there is such a lot to like about the rest of the phone.

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@1512596680488, Great work appreciated well explained with practical view..... Nokia need to shame anyhave my last hope, their provide suprise firmware update of Nokia 8 camera at MWC EVENT, suppose if not better to look iPhone or Samsung

The photos of the mugs only reinforces what i have been saying about use only the colour sensor in low light, clearly the lack of OIS on the monochrome sensor has introduced motion blur.

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@MrBelter You may well be right about the problem being caused by the lack of OIS on the Monochrome lens. Having done some more research though,  I think it could be the way the app interprets the combined signal/data on the Nokia 8 rather than the lack of OIS on the mono lens per se. It seems that other phones with  a twin lens setup of RGB/Mono like the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Honor V 10 also don't have OIS on the mono lens either, yet still get good results.

This makes me hopeful that we could still see further improvement from the Nokia 8 camera hardware, if HMD/Nokia have a mind to keep working on it. 

I have had some good results using a ported version of the Google Pixel 2 camera app, especially with the front facing camera where the Pixel camera app has much better focus and sharpness than the Nokia app.

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@user1512596680488 Well said hope he opened his eye now.... front cam also need to workout. . let's wait and see after #MWC event they provide us firmware update

hi i just installed second time the oreo beta. Only asked ota...not force update. Video seems working in google camera app and opencamera. Whatsapp video worjs too.

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