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WiFi connection always breaks down

My Nokia 8 is only 1 month old. I found the WiFi connection always breaks down. It has to be turned off and turn on again in order to make it work. Any suggestions? Should I send it back to the Nokia to fix?

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WiFi for me seems to be a lot more reliable with the Oreo 8.1 beta, unfortunately you can't sign up for it now as it has closed. This usually means though they will push a stable release very soon, so hopefully your problem will be solved when they start pushing 8.1 to everyone.
I found that WiFi was much better on Android 7. Since been on 8 and now 8.1 beta the signal keeps dropping. Nowhere near as good as it used to be. I tried resetting the connections but this had very little effect. Perhaps it is a firmware problem and not Android.

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I've been having the same problem, on both of my Nokia 8 6GB Ram Variants, and yes I've spoken to customer support, and been fobbed off multiple times, I updated to android 8.0 then all of a sudden the WiFi started to hang and web pages, won't open, only turning the WiFi on and off again seems to fix it, and even on 8.1 it seems to be slightly more reliable, but it still persists, they should really fix the problems before rushing the half baked updates out the door, fast updates yeah it's a good thing, but not updates that don't work properly.
For me WiFi has been dead reliable in Oreo 8.1, far better than any previous version. Nougat was seriously buggy on the Nokia 8. Somebody on the beta had some WiFi problems and it was found to be a router configuration problem. In you routers wifi settings please make sure "Short GI" is not enabled.
The following link explains what short gi actually does: Basically if you are using mixed mode WiFi and you enable this it will cause you all sorts of problems.

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I'll have a look at it thanks

Hi, I also have this wifi issue using oreo 8.1 firmware, wifi frustratingly drops in and out with no obvious fix. Also find bluetooth very selective as to when it chooses to work and with what appliances. This phone could be great, but poor software optimisation is letting it down in a big way ( at least I'm hoping its software). Am i also the only one who thinks the music processing on this phone is of a low quality? Even with headphones I don't find the sound output to be very full. I also use a letv leeco elite 3 pro phone which cost a quarter of what this phone did, and I have to say I find it way more reliable and superior in many departments. Maybe Nokia would be good enough to reply to some of these issues. As unfortunately I for one will be looking for a refund if they are not resolved soon, as phone has too many serious niggles to make it useable day to day. Am I the only one who feels this strongly???

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I've had this WiFi problem ever since the February Security Update, WiFi was fine before that, I'm hoping the March update sorts it, not that I know when I'll get the March update tho.
It's also that the WiFi dropping in and out like you say is nothing to do with Nokia or the WiFi driver at all and that your router is susceptible to the Chromecast bug that is present with Google play services and Oreo 8.1. It can push out hundreds of packets looking for Chromecast devices causing the router to get overloaded and it's WiFi connection to drop out. Try enrolling on the beta of Google play services as this has a fix in it for this issue.

I have another issue... My Nokia 8 always after few weeks without any issue just cannot connect to any wifi and if it connects... the connection is extremely slow and it drops. Restart solves this.

Yay someone else with the exact same issue I have. This particular issue has been present from the very first firmware with Android 7 Nougat. It will connect if you are right next to the access point, but the connection will be so slow it is unusable. I don't know if this is something Nokia are responsible for fixing or if it is an issue with the WiFi drivers supplied by Qualcomm for the Snapdragon 835. I would be interested to know if any other devices with this SOC suffer the same problem running Android.
Kann das Problem mit meinem Nokia 8 (TA-1012) nicht nachvollziehen. Läuft super über WLAN, keine Schwierigkeiten (finales 8.1.0, März-Sicherheitspatch). ABER, das Samsung Galaxy S8 meiner Tochter ist, seit Samsung ihm "seine" angepasste Variante von Android Oreo aufgespielt hat, über WLAN praktisch unbrauchbar, vor allem, wenn noch ein Repeater dazwischengeschaltet ist (bis Android Nougat keine Probleme). "Liegen" beide Geräte nebeneinander, läuft mein Nokia über WLAN wunderbar (konstante Verbindung, schnell), während das S8 "streikt". Beim S8 ein ausgeprägtes Problem, worüber viele Nutzer in diversen Foren auch schon geschrieben haben.

I have found a solution for the wifi problem on my Nokia 8. First of all, the problem I had was that while browising internet pages or with any ecommerce app or internet radio streaming suddenly and silently the internet connection would simply stall and pages would not load anymore until I switched wifi off and back on or waited for some 20s or more and then reload the pages. This would repeat every ten minutes on average. Extremely annoying and pushing me almost to go and ask for a refund. Please note that in the very same environment and at the very same time a bunch of other devices would work with no issue at all: iPad mini 2, iPhone 6, Chromecast 2, Huawei P8 Lite 2017, Huawei P10 Lite, Xiaomi mi A1, three different Asus laptops from 2012, 2015 and 2017, and even the original Samsung chromebook from 2012.

Here I have a Fritzbox 3272 ADSL2 router which acts as my primary wifi access point then I have a switch and two additional access points by TP-Link, one in the basement and one in the upper level. All are 802.11b/g/n.

I changed the settings of the Fritzbox from 802.11b/g/n to 802.11b/g and now it works great, I can stream internet radio for one hour or more with no disconnection at all.

I have not changed the secondary TP-Link access points, they are still in 802.11b/g/n mode and when my Nokia 8 switches to them then I have the wifi stall problems.

So clearly it is related to 802.11n and there must be some software timer either in Oreo 8 or in the wifi chipset that every 10min or so tries to upgrade the link to 150Mbps but fails.

I can change all my home routers and disable "n" but what about when I am at work, at a public conference or anywhere else?

Any idea?

It's because you are using multi mode WiFi. Can you find any setting in the router that relates to short gi or guard interval? If you can try and disable this, it doesn't play nice with the Nokia 8 and multi mode WiFi. The other option if you can is to set the WiFi mode to n only or a/c only.
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