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PC suit for nokia

Why don't nokia (HMD) make a PC suit for nokia phone users as like the other smartphone makers have.

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The current Android phones don't really need any bespoke PC software, in my opinion, as pretty much all of the standard functionality is synced with the Google cloud. I.e. you should be able to do it all via the web. Generic USB or Bluetooth (or even NFC) takes care of direct transfer of media files. What additional functionality is needed?
Well Backup and restore data Update OS Transfer files Sync data Manage contacts etc.. I know those things can be manage with Google apps and via USB. But with a PC suit things are easier. Everything in one place rather than going back and forth.

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Agreed. I also miss an option to backup my phone through USB to my PC. No, I don't want it in google drive, I want it on my drive. I know, maybe I shouldn't use android in the first place...
But Samsung has Samsung Kies for Android phones as well.

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