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Ta-1033 Oreo in uk

Hi has anyone got Oreo in uk yet. Seems very slow roll out to me.

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Not yet. I asked customer services last week ( wk ending 9/2/18) and they said very soon, but that could mean anything. Oddly the update with the identical build number to my device was released in Sri Lanka for the TA-1021. Shouldn't be too much longer.

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Thanks for update. Considering this was meant to be done by end of last year it does seem very slow. My main hope is that it will improve the very flaky Bluetooth connection to my parrot car kit.
I have been testing the beta version and Bluetooth is good. Connects to my pebble smartwatch without problems and doesn't drain the battery too fast.
Just installed the update. Comes with February security patch.

just checked mine not updating yet, i am on EE what are you on

I"m on O2. I used to be on EE but they don't support Nokia phones so I moved to O2.
Yes I know woeful ee. I have s Tesco SIM that I due to check for updates and that is O2 network so will try that later
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