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Slowing on oreo

Recently i updated my nokia 5 on Oreo but it just slowed my device

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I also have that problem..

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My Nokia 5 became incresibly slow after upgrading to Oreo too...

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Same problem here.. Latest Nougat was really stable and fast, now with Oreo the phone became noticable slower, doesn't respond sometimes and lags everywhere.. NOT happy at all!

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 I also have the same problem. Phone just become useless when come to multitasking. I'm so disappointed.

Same here , ta-1024 , official oreo ,phone is slower now , also app take some time to open , on nougat no problem

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 I think they need to disable all that battery savers and go for 'high performance' mode.

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 I even can't scroll in Facebook App...

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 Strange complaint cause i actually felt the opposite. Phone became faster and more responsive. Maybe some apps that haven't yet updated for oreo might causing problems?

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chrome , phone,message  is also slow !!!

Same here. Phone is now practically unusable.

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 After 141h of uptime multitasking doesn't work at all. It restarts apps everytime.

after using nokia 5 with oreo for a long time i still feel the phone more responsive and more capable battery handling. BUT! I have an external card installed as internal storage (not portable) and i install most apps on the external card. What ive came to notice is that Myfitnesspal app had a notable lag after updating to oreo 8. i moved the app from external card to internal shared space and problem solved. i dont know if that helps but if you have external cards try moving lagging apps in internal space and see what happens... i believe that most issues are conflicting apps. i also used to use microsofts launcher cause it was lightweight but after several updates it came to hog 200mb of memory. in contrast nokias launcher only use approx. 60mb. So another reason might be your launcher. hope some of these helps... good luck
I have same problem.Nokia 5 really unusable day by day after oreo update.Please fix soon this problem.

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I have rebooted my phone and it's runing for 71h now and i do multitasking with no problems for now.
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