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Slowing on oreo

Recently i updated my nokia 5 on Oreo but it just slowed my device

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Still slow, problems with wifi speed and dropping connection and no response from Nokia to my email reporting these problems! Not impressed.

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My phone got to the point where it was unusable . I did a full reset now all seems to be fine

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Same exact problem as other people. I know that factory reset might improve it, but u don't want to do it and lose my data. I bought this piece of crap as a business phone, and it can't even be used as a simple calling and app phone. I don't play games, a rarely take pictures, yet I can't use it without lag. If I want to snap a quick photo it takes a minute for camera app to turn in. With each update the phone gets crappier and crappier. Do not recommend this phone and please for god sakes leave negative reviews so that people know about the problems

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yea it was only a minnor issue for me. but still your right we should not have to find solution like that to get it to work. i would recomend that you do a reset just make sure you back up to the cloud. also i brought my mom a nokia 3 and had a fault with the screen also have a nokia 6 that wont update at all so yea am a bit disappointed

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Same problem here... SLOW SLOW SLOW... one of these days i waited 1 MINUTE to make a call... Resuming an APP is... a pain :\\\

I don't want to make a RESET! if i do (with google backups on) the restore is made in FULL, with screens, ICON position, apps, etc?

very slow with oreo updates..fix it soon

My Nokia 5 worked 100% with Oreo 8.0. After the Oreo 8.1 my phone is a bit slower and freezing.

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Is Nokia doing anything to stop the lagging on Nokia 5, or are people's comments here just a waste of time. I just got my Nokia 5 and upgraded to Oreo 8.1.0 immediately and it has been lagging ever since. I have not used this phone for a month and it is already very frustrating. What is Nokia doing about this pls?

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I don't think nokia is doing something about this!

I've been exposing this problems everywhere so consumers DON'T do the mistake of buying this phone.

I'm in the process of choosing another phone, from another brand, this time with extensive testing in the store, and return this NOKIA 5.

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Still Nokia didn't send any useful update to resolve this issue.. what the hell you guys doing? Many apps like messaging, fb, WhatsApp, contacts and chrome etc. Just suddenly crash themselves

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issue is still there nokia 5 cannot use like this

Made a factory RESET, made no difference. Still LAGS, apps freeze, UI sometimes crashes, cannot use this phone.

Prices of actual line of Nokia are falling 50% (discount) on stores everywhere. Seems nokia wants to get rid if them before launching the new line.

Just cleaned out my phone. Deleted Messenger and Facebook that my girlfriend installed.
Now my Nokia works great again.

I always wanted to use Nokia phones as a Finn but couldn’t sacrifice my life to WP. I had high hopes with the new Android-lineup, but this Nokia 5 is intolerable piece of crap. Even the home screen takes about twenty seconds to load after the PIN-code: not only on the start-up but every damn time I turn the screen on (obviously I don’t use any screen locks anymore). The phone is literally unusable.


It is unacceptable that there is no single reply from the company in this thread and that the problem with the Oreo update hasn’t been solved – after nearly half a year after its occurrence.

I see a lot of people complain about issues which look like hardware and/or software issues. If you reset your phone to factory settings, and it still sucks, why don't you return it to the store you bought it? I assume it's still under warranty. That's real feedback to nokia, as they don't read these forums anymore. It's a community forum I'm afraid. Get an official complaint in the store, their support app, or by mail. This forum? No nokia employee is reading these, I'm certain
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