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Slowing on oreo

Recently i updated my nokia 5 on Oreo but it just slowed my device

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Still slow, problems with wifi speed and dropping connection and no response from Nokia to my email reporting these problems! Not impressed.

My phone got to the point where it was unusable . I did a full reset now all seems to be fine

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Same exact problem as other people. I know that factory reset might improve it, but u don't want to do it and lose my data. I bought this piece of crap as a business phone, and it can't even be used as a simple calling and app phone. I don't play games, a rarely take pictures, yet I can't use it without lag. If I want to snap a quick photo it takes a minute for camera app to turn in. With each update the phone gets crappier and crappier. Do not recommend this phone and please for god sakes leave negative reviews so that people know about the problems

yea it was only a minnor issue for me. but still your right we should not have to find solution like that to get it to work. i would recomend that you do a reset just make sure you back up to the cloud. also i brought my mom a nokia 3 and had a fault with the screen also have a nokia 6 that wont update at all so yea am a bit disappointed

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