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Microphone Problems

I bought my Nokia 8 less than 2 months ago. At times when I call or receive calls, my receipients cannot hear me though I can hear them. Whenever it happens and I check, there will be a microphone symbol with the 'X' sign meaning it is muted. This has continued randomly to date and it has been very embarrassing, frustrating and disappointing. I have had a chat with the Support team but my impression is that they seem not to recognize to be aware of the problem in spite of the several complaints I just read from the forum. Nokia needs to help us fix this problem since calls are basic functions of the phone.

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I've had the same issue with the 8.1 beta. It seems to happen intermittently - sometimes from the start of a call, and sometimes mid-call. The only solution is to hang-up and re-dial. 

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Same problem

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