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Nokia 8 Oreo 8.1 now live

Just landed on my phone. Oreo 8.1 File size is about 1570MB. Kudos HMD! Great stuff.

Got it on TA-1004 in Poland. Unfortunately it seems they haven't fixed any bugs from beta that I encountered (Smart Lock not loading after restart unless you disable it before and adding ugly separators to default look of preference screens in third party apps like Chrome).

Battery life seems fine to me, deep sleep is fixed. Really nice how they are providing a nexus/pixel like experience.


I had to factory reset to get the update, but phone feels very snappy now.

Bluetooth audio worked fine this morning, streaming Spotify in my car.

Now they only need to fix/improve the camera app... though i'm getting good results with a google camera port, but HMD should up their game on that area.

Battery life get worse in 13.Feb.2018 Oreo release.

Earlier I could use phone over weekend without charging (light use: couple of calls and little internet browsing).

After 8.1.0 update battery goes 100% -> 10% in 24 hours, without using phone.

Launcher3 seems to be application, that ruins battery.

This kind of current consumption makes phone pretty much useless. Hopefully you manage to correct this showstopper fast.

Battery life has returned back to normal for me with this release after being on the beta, deep sleep and doze is working as it should. You likely have a wakelocks issue with one of your apps. If it is one of your apps, Oreo 8.1 should highlight it for you and tell you which one is causing a problem. If you need to check if your phone is going into deep sleep or not download CPU spy from the play store. You can also use better battery stats which you can get from XDA. You will then need to use adb to give it permission to monitor your battery usage.
8.1 stable relase is now available in Romania, on ta-1004. Current network, Orange. Note that the phone is not carrier locked. As for the ones that did not received it, well, for the 8.0 release was available from the first day, but this one took a couple of days. I guess the rollout is not over yet
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