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Unable to sync photos on mobile phone

I am unable to retrieve photos from my mobile phone a Nokia C3, and, this is old and grumpy just like myself.

I also asked the Microsoft Community for similar issues on this topic.

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Could you tell me which difficulties are you experiencing? Here are some suggestions for you: 1. Just plug the C3 into a computer and choose "Ovi suite". If you're running Windows 7 or 10, chances are that the C3 will show up under My Computer as a music player. Just double click on the icon and copy the photos over to the PC. 2. If the photos are on a Micro SD card: Connect the C3 with a computer but choose "Mass storage" instead. The C3's memory card will show up as a regular USB device in My Computer. 3. If the phone is not recognised by the computer, your best bet is to copy/move all photos to a Micro SD card, then put the card into your new phone. Alternatively, you can use a card reader to coppy the photos to a computer.
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