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Android 8 Oreo

So here's the mystery of the day! 藍 Here I was waiting for the official Android 8 Oreo on my Nokia 5 ta-1053 when guess what? I got the update notification! At that point I gladly started downloading the package and proceed to restart the phone so the update could be applied... But that's when the mystery occurred, after the screen went black I found myself in the safe boot options, (I mean what?), so I just restarted the phone as I don't want to mess with any settings. To my surprise I was still in 7.1.2 and the downloaded Android 8 Oreo files were gone. To top it all I checked for new updates and guess what? Nothing new. So still on 7.1.2 as before as if nothing happened. It was just a dream.. 藍 Just like toying with my heart Nokia!  You show the candies to a child but then steal it right back..  I'm just kidding tho.. By the way I'm from Portugal. Thanks.

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Happened to me the same. Started downloading the update, asked to restart but when i restarted the phone went to the recovery mode. After restarting from this point nothing changed, everything stayed the same on Android 7.1.2. Just noticed that the "Other" folder was 1.8GB instead of almost empty. Had to format the sd card as internal storage to return that folder to normal. After this no more notification for an update to android 8. (Portugal here as well)

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