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Can't take video anymore

Since last week phone update I don't have the video option and I am not happy. On the top of the round to take the picture it says video and not show the video button. Anyone can help me out?
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Tech Wizard

Did you try some basic troubleshooting steps already?

Force restart the phone (soft reset): Press and hold the power and volume-up keys until 'Powered by Android' is displayed on the screen.
- Check if it works now, before trying the next step.

Restart the phone in Safe Mode: Press power, then press and hold the Restart option in the shutdown menu until it prompts to restart in safe mode.
- Check if it works in safe mode, then do another restart to get back to normal mode.

You may have do set up some third-party screen widgets after using Safe Mode, but it does not delete any personal data or other app settings.

Please let us know how it goes?

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