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TA-1021 Hardware 5.1 does not update anymore

Stuck to Android 8.0.0 and security patch 5 december. This trick: 

"Settings>Apps. Under the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, select Show System. Then go to Google Service Frameworks, select Storage and Clear Data. Go back to System Update and Check for Updates. It will OTA update to Version 5.22A (not 5.220 as reported."

Seemed to work and downloaded well but when told to restart it restarted and told me it could not update.

Even after repeating above steps it did not show up anymore and now I'm still stuck to Android 8.0.0 and security patch 5 december 2017.

Is the update not available for TA-1021 yet?

Forgot to mention build number: 00WW_5_140. The Netherlands is where I am if that makes any difference for OTA

Hi @user1513198044248, Here works it great on a TA 1033 . Have you(Claer data only) wait with starts three times for install ;-) Here works it great on a TA 1033 .

Yes PROBLEM SOLVED, after erasing the data from Google Service Frameworks I restarted immediately (!) and now it finds again the system update Android 8.0 Oreo (V5.22A) It restarted 3 times and with the 4th (took some time) it works now: Build 00WW_5_22A Security patch feb. 2018

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