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Apps lagon the latest february Oreo update

 Hello i just updated to Oreo latest february update, before i was on 7.1.2.

So how i am having problems these:

(1)with the Doubly Surround sound is horrible i needed to turn it off, isaw it is a common problem;

(2)I got lag in certain apps like Facebook,Snapchat,Messenger... i reinstalled them and still no change... it takes 20 seconds to open facebook app and then it is lagging and barely usable... anyone got this problem or it is only me?

I didnt clean the cache parititon because i dont know how in Oreo.

Thanks, and i am sorry for my English

I had the same Problem after oreo update without factory reset. I did a factory rest through settings and recovery. The method to access the recovery changed after the Oreo Update. I wrote with the Nokia Support about this. I just want to know how to access the Recovery. They told me that rooting and unlocking Bootloader void waranty. :) Häh...yeah thanks for that information but....i only just want to know how to access the recovery to clean the cache partition. The Answer was: We got no such Information, sorry... do a soft reset. 

Is that true Nokia???

Know i got the Method from a nice Guy of XDA. Thanks a lot!

1. Turn your Mobile Phone off.

2. Plug it to a charger and if you see the charging symbol, press and hold together power-button and volume-up Button.

3. If you see the Android Logo, release the power-button and only keep pressing the volume-up button.

4. wait and keep pressing volume-up button until you see the "no command" screen. Release the volume-up button.

5. at the "no command" screen, press and hold together for about 3 seconds the volume-up button and the power-button. Release both buttons at the same time.

6. If you don't get into recovery, repeate step 5. Now you should be at the recovery screen and you can clean the cache partition.

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Einherjer, Did it fix the sound?

No sorry, it didn't fix the dolby sound issue, but it fixed the lags.

Einherjer-I apologize, but what is the point you need to press to reset the cache, I'm not very versed in this, it will not affect the warranty service?

Apps and Android itself saves data into the Cache-Partition. Clearing the Cache-Partition could solve problems after update the system or apps or speed them up. No, it won't void your waranty, because you dont unlock your bootloader. Rooting your device void your waranty, because you need to unlock your bootloader for it. Entering recovery changed nothing at your official device or your waranty. You staying save. :)


Do you have any other options like how to sag a sound or wait for a new update? The sound became very bad-hiss and rattling in the speakers annoyed

 I think we have to wait for the next update. At the meantime, i keep Dolby off.

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