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Hong Kong China TA-1052 haven't got 8.1!

What's the time can be push 8.1 for ta-1052 ? Thanks.

Nobody can answer my question?
Hello, The rollout is stagered. For example, i have receive 8.0 immediately, but 8.1 took a couple of days. Also, on this dorum you can find suggestion on what to do if you did not receive it (but the rollout already hit your country). Also there are a couple of threads already about this, can you please post in one of those? The forum is not that well moderated, soo...

Same case for TA-1052. Any updates?

I feel so disappointed, it's been so long before the first updated post appears.Miss Microsoft's update mechanism, the global simultaneous update. It's a shame the Indians got busted.

I updated to 8.1 on the 2nd date of official release and I am also using TA-1052 in Hong Kong.

Why not push together, so depressed

be patioent, today i receive update , TA-1004

Received today

Hi Guys, 

Could you support me with the FCC ID certificate for model TA-1004 for Nokia 8

Is possible to get a official Nokia letter in order to certificate that models TA-1004 and model TA-1052 have the same specifications.

I need the FCC ID for model TA-1052 - Nokia 8 but at this moment is impossible.

Thank you.

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