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Camera issues in 8.1.0

After the update from 8.0.0 to 8.1.0 I have started having some issues with the back camera in video mode.

Before the update I could record even up to 3 hours session of video in 2 minute segmented clips using Dailyroads Voyager application in 4k resolution with 0 issues.

Now after the update the camera does not always instantly start new video recording after each 2 minute video clip and it either stops recording for 5-15 seconds until it resumes again or fully stops recording and causes the application to freeze. If it's frozen the Android OS asks if I want to force stop the application or wait, choosing force quit and re-starting the application results in black screen with new notification of force quit/wait question.

Then I have to restart the phone to launch the application again.

I asked customer service for solutions using the support application provided and they suggested that I clear cache & data from both Camera and Photos applications and perform a reboot of the phone.

That slightly fixed it and it's not that common occurrence anymore but it still happens randomly.

The freezing is not the only problem while restarting recording but the phone also in middle of a recording displays an error message saying, "Sorry, the camera could not be initialized." and then it restarts the camera without crashing or freezing the application I use and resumes recording normally again. That also happens multiple times in normal use.

In short, the problem didn't occur in 8.0.0 version and happens often in 4k video resolution and rarely in full hd resolution. I think it's the phone instead of the third party application I use because it's the camera restarting and freezing not the application.

PS. I did not take part in the beta testing of 8.1.0 and I bought the phone when it had the 8.0.0 version, about a week ago.

Technical information:

Nokia 8 128gb, TA-1004

Android 8.1.0

February 2018 security patch

V100.0089.03 and V020.0068.03 camera software

I have not used the default camera application enough to know if that has any problems.

I have not used full hd video quality once after the fix suggested by customer service but the problem exists in 4k resolution and happens maybe every 3rd-6th 2 minute video recording when it saves the video file, stops recording and starts recording again the new file.

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