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Bugs with Oreo 8.1

There are a couple of bugs I've found so far that weren't there in 8.0 with the January patch 1) Memory management seems to be an issue because my music player seems to randomly stop when the music is playing with the screen off. I've checked other apps & it's the same issue. 2) Headset button function seems to be messed up again. Initially it wasn't working correctly, where a skip command would carry out a double skip, then got fixed in the December patch & now the issues is back again. The app developer has confirmed this is an OS issue. 3) Notifications on a secured lock screen are all collapsed & cannot be expanded. When the phone is unlocked they display properly, expanded, in the notification drawer. This doesn't seem to be a 8.1 specific change that Google has made so there's something wrong. Again this was how it worked in 8.0 & I've checked the notification settings for the application & they haven't changed since the update. This is what I could find for now but I'll add on if there's anything else. The Memory management bug is really a show stopper.

Battery life get worse in 13.Feb.2018 Oreo release.

Earlier I could use phone over weekend without charging (light use: couple of calls and little internet browsing).

After 8.1.0 update battery goes 100% -> 10% in 24 hours, without using phone.

Launcher3 seems to be application, that ruins battery.

Today upgraded from beta to final version Oreo 8.1, but WOLte and WifiCalls stopped working! It was working fine with beta labs! Finnish operator Elisa.
Restarted phone once again and now WOLte calls started to work!
Having issues charging with the original charger since 8.1. When I was in beta 8.1 the charger stopped after 5 seconds same when phone off and charging it just kept rebooting to charge screen. So rolled back to 8.0 and all fine. Now have 8.1 again and the charger has stopped working again. My Nintendo switch charger charges phone fine on 8.1. So is there anything I can try to see why 8.1 has stopped orignal Nokia charger Woking ?
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