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Notifications issue after Oreo upgrade


Hi all,

after upgraded to Android Oreo on my TA-1021, the app notification counters/number before present above app icons, don't work anymore. The impacted applications are: Gmail, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messanger, Facebook, Twitter, Nine

Could you please help me to fix this issue appeared after the upgrade?

No problem with Android 7.1.2

Many thanks

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Same issue

Did you do anything to the Google Services Framework app before getting the update? If so that's probably why, try reinstalling the apps?

 Hi Muser, nothing did at goggle service framework.I just updated the phone and the notification icon conter on the apps, disappeared. What I read into internet it seems that it depends on the Launcher installed on the phone and th Android version installed. In the new Oreo has been added the notifiaction badge and "removed" the counters on top of the icons.

If you need the counters/numbers of not readed otifications you need to install a different Launcher from Google Play (search in google for "best android launcher" for the list), pay for it and you'll have again the counters.
Is it possible to have the counters with the default Android Oreo installed on Nokia 6, without install 3rd party applications?

For the moment I fix it using the app NOTIFYER, but is a workaround...Hope to have back with native Android mounted on Nokia 6

Ah I see what you mean now. The default notification badge was changed in the stock launcher by Google as part of the Oreo update (from a counter to a dot). They've also added the ability to long press an icon and interact with the notification directly from the homescreen.

I don't believe there's a way to change it back to the old 7.x style but you can try a launcher like "Microsoft Launcher" from Google Play, it has a similar notification badge.

 Perfect, you understand perfectly. Sorry for my not correct explanation.

You're right, is changed with Oreo from counter badge to dot badge. For me the real problem is that the color of new dot badge sometimes is not visible correctly due the image on the desktop, and obviously is very easily to lost notifications and not read it like messages or chat.

No way to set it back or customize from the launcher without install 3rd party apps?

As I explained above, I already found a free workaround using NOTIFYER app otherwise most of the people use NOVA LAUNCHER + Addon for Counters (paid solution), but I'll prefer to use default software released by Nokia/Android.

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