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Nokia Insurance

I wasn't sure where to post this so fingers crossed I posted it in the correct place! 

I'm in the UK, after reading the terms and conditions and visiting the website I have a few questions...

1. Under "My device have been stolen, what should I do" it states "Please send us proof of locking you sim card, the police report and a copy of your purchase receipt".

UK mobile networks do not provide proof when it comes to blacklisting a sim card or mobile handset and the police only issue crime reference numbers, not reports! So nobody here in the UK is ever going to be able to successfully make a claim should their handset get stolen?

2. Under "What do I have to enclose within the parcel to the repairpartner" is states that "Also ensure that the IMEI / serial number or invoice number of your device is indicated on this document".

Retail outlets here in the UK do not include IMEI numbers? What does "invoice number of your device" mean exactly? Till receipts don't have invoice numbers either?

Going by the information on the (which has poor english translation) the majority of owners are never going to be able to make a valid claim on any possible insurance claim?

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Regarding police reports:

This is what the UK police instruct us to do:

Please contact your insurance company and ask them to apply by way of the ACPO / Association of British Insurers, Memorandum of Understanding.

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Unfortunately I don't know the answer. Have you tried the other support channels - on this website there's also Chat and Email support available.

When you've got an answer please post back, I'd like to know the answer.

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Also, have you tried the Nokia Mobile Care app on your phone? It will tell you where the nearest care centre is so you can ask people in person.

There are no care centers here in the UK. I never purchased the Nokia insurance because it's unlikely I would ever be able to get any claim approved because of the issues raised in my original post.
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