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Looking Poor Without User Interface (UI) Please Make UI

Please Make NOKIA more Powerfull with her UI & Preinstalled/inbuild Apps.

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You can't make it more powerful by adding more stuff, this is the best and cleanest and fastest they can give.

But Looking Bad, Look Other Phones As APPLE Iphone UI & Samsung Tochwiz UI is looking Great.

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Sorry to disappoint you but I think HMD will stay with pure Android for quite some time. There are many heavily skinned devices out there and while some people seem to like it, others complain about the bloat and lag.

But In Future, Will Nokia Make His UI & Other Old Apps Like Nokia Mail,Nokia Browser And Very Important FIles/File Maneger For Looking Better.

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Nokia devices without Google Play do have built in apps from HMD, hopefully they open those up for everyone at some point (even if it's just through Google Play).

One of the reason that make nokia better is Pure ( Vanila ) Android & it makes easier for them to  send us quick updates/ If you like  you can install custom themes from play store.. 

 But In future It's better if  Nokia can release a custom launcher with native  android launcher so users can choose what they want

Nokia was unique just because of its hardware degine and user interface. Quick update are useless and nonsense. Nokia should focus on its Camera. User inerface. Premium looking design.
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