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Bring back XpressMusic + ClearBlack display

So I'm a proud owner of lots of Nokia phones from previous manufacturer, I still have few XpressMusic phones and Maemo phones. I use 5310 to listen to radio and use n900 to listen on speaker. With my new HMD TA- 1021 I realized how good the speakers are and how great if you guys can make 4 speaker phone under XM. Like Nokia X7. I'm also planning to buy other HMD products just to try them out, I'm already impressed with HMD mobiles and I stopped using my 6S plus too. There's a lot of grown-up kids here would like to get that nostalgic feeling when they hold a Nokia XpressMusic in their hands!

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 Good ideia.

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 XpressMusic does seem to be a very popular request. I agree it would be great if HMd could improve the audio on their phones the way they're improving the camera.

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