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Android 8.1 Home Screen Washout

Hi guys,

After updating to Android 8.1, the home screen of my Nokia 8 looks really washed out. There is a milky glaze covering the lower half of the screen (both background and app icons). After searching on Google I found out that this might have to do something with the anti-burn feature in Android 8.1. However, it's very ugly and there is a big difference when looking at my background photo in the Photos app. Does anyone have similar problems and/or a solution?


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I have the same issue, its terrible! Please fix this.

It's irritating me

Ok, so I found out it is apparently supposed to be the 'shade' of the app drawer. You can clearly see the interaction when swiping up to open it. There's no way to fix it, except for using another launcher app such as Nova Launcher. I'm now using that particular (free) launcher app and by tweaking the settings you can get it to look almost exactly the same as the original launcher. The washout is now gone.

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