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Nokia 8's magnetic field sensor

Could anyone test their magnetic field sensor in Nokia 8 with any compass app from Play Store? Mine keeps showing almost 90 degrees to east with every app I tried. I have tried to calibrate magnetic field sensor by doing multiple different technigues but so far hasn't helped, so I thought if the sensors in Nokia are unreliable or do I just happen to have a faulty sensor.

I have Android 8.0 if that should matter.


On Google Maps, mine correctly indicates the north. I also installed the first app "compass" that I found on Play Store and even with that I had no problems, despite not having performed the calibration as required by the app.

I have a Nokia 8 TA-1004 with Android 8.1 beta.

Hmm thats odd. I'm afraid that the magnetic sensor or some other sensor, such as accelerometer sensor, is faulty then. Google Maps also shows 10-20 degrees more to east than it truly is even when it says calibration isn't needed and accurary level is high. Is it possible to change or repair the physical hardware sensors? 1 month old and stock/unrooted, got warranty.
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