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Ram problems still in official Android 8 oreo

So it's been an issue since 7.1.2. and now after 24 hours since official oreo update I can't keep apps open in background. Have to restart phone to get it working properly. Just like before. Not fixed.

You have to ask yourself how much effort is really put in to all these Beta tests? Companies keep releasing final builds that are clearly bug riddled and fixes are always just around the corner! My comments are not just pointed in the direction of Nokia, Apple and Samsung are no different. Samsung have gone as far to pull the Oreo Update: https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2018/2/15/17015952/galaxy-s8-oreo-update-random-reboots-samsung

The thing is it's the official release. In betas you expect imperfections. This has been like this since android 7 which makes me think that maybe it is a phone problem.

Every release is a Beta these days and by the time anything starts to become stable, they move on to another major release and we're all back to square one! If it is a hardware issue then nothing is going to fix it. Maybe that's why there are now reports of a 3GB Nokia 5 floating around?

Did you get the update for your nokia 5 to android 8 here in Portugal? Mine doesn't showed me still the update besides what happened to you on the first time.

Yes I got it in Portugal. I think it depends on the model of Nokia 5. Mines the ta-1053. I did a factory reset after installing final Oreo version and for now all issues seem gone, let's see.

So today i got the update to Android 8 and got the same problem you got. Started good, but after a few hours it started slowing down that sometimes the apps just froze. Did what you did, a factory reset, and after a lot of work it seems it's working normally.

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