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Small smartphones

hello, whether the release not of big smartphones plans Nokia? A lot of lyady would like to buy the smartphone up to 130 millimeters in size (124-128), with the screen 4-4.5".
For example Apple releases the version of SE, especially for those who use only phone, the SMS several applications and the camera.

Only management of bank, a small lamp, payment of parkings, listening of audio-books and Watsapp are installed in my smartphone. More I need nothing, but it would be desirable to have not the worst camera. I watch photos on the laptop or on the big tablet.
Now I am forced to buy very cheap and not high-quality smartphones, because of the size. It isn't pleasant to me when at me in a pocket not the big shovel lies and delays it.

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The ideal smartphone for you:

Nokia 1 - 4.5" IPS - 133 mm onli 5 MP Cam

Samsung A3 - AMOLED + 13MP Cam

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