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Very low vibrate after Android 8 update

I use a pattern lock on my phone. Ever since the Android 8 update yesterday, the vibration level dropped to almost non-existent. It will be nice to get the Android 7 vibration level back.

Hi you can set it on .... settings..sound . I have set it off...find it prettier /better for my own :)
What I wanted to say, is that the vibration is almost non-existent when unlocking the phone using a pattern lock compared to Android 7. It would be nice for a fix to the issue. Vibration is normal for everything else.
Any solution? I've got same problem.
The only thing we can do, is just sit and wait until Nokia releases a patch during the next update. I hope we wondered have to wait until next months security patch. I hope that Nokia moderators are reading the forums. And also, have you experienced faster than usual battery drain?

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I hope that, me too... Yes, battery drain is faster. I think, because of great use of memory (now 1GB FREE /before upgrading Oreo 1,4 FREE)
I noticed the same issue. But to me it was to much under 7 I like it better now.
Yeah, same issue with vibration and battery....
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