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Received Android 8.0 for second time!

Hello, I'm form Sri Lanka and I'm using nokia 6 TA-1021 (2017). After long waited time i received Android Oreo, about two weeks ago. But today when I turn my internet on i noticed that another update to Android 8.0!!! It is not seems like that is the same update I received before because it includes February security patch for this update. I didn't know to upload pictures to this so I can't show u that. The update is 1760.4 MB. Did anyone received this update too? Please tell me. Thank you.

Forgot to tell, The update name is Android 8.0™ Oreo (V5.22A).

yes I received it yesterday.  It has much improved battery life .  

after about 40 min of voice calls,  20 - 30 mins of gaming and 20 - 30 mins of Facebook. Still 79% left. ( full charge about 10 hours ago)

Mine was a 150MB security patch update. I hoped for a camera improvement. But nah.. disappointed again..
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