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Whatsapp custom notifications not working

Hello: I have noticed that Whatsapp custom notifications are not working anymore after installing Android Oreo in my Nokia 6 if they are set them from the app's menu. The custom notifications are only working if they are set from Android's settings menu. Somebody can help me? Thanks, Alex

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Same problem. Nokia 6. WhatsApp custom notifications were working with pre-installed Android Nougat, but stopped working after update to Android Oreo. Please help. Thank you.
Use whatsapp beta for custom notification.
Same problem with Whatsapp beta.
I'm using Nokia 5. I had the same problem after oreo update. After upgrade to whatsapp beta I haven't any notification issue.
I have the 2.18.92 Whatsapp version.

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Mine 2.18.97 Upgrade to beta by web browser.

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I have got the same problem and I have tried everything you could think of and it didn't work. I reinstalled the app and I did a factory setting and erased everything on my phone and the problem remained unsolved. I am getting really frustrated.

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Baterie, povolit aplikace běžet na pozadí.

Hey guys, I'm using Nokia 6, Android 8.1.0. Was having the WhatsApp custom notification problem with the latest WhatsApp version 2.18.97, then after reading above suggestions about beta, I joined the beta programme via web browser. I can now use custom notifications (although only the call notification refuses to change from default setting!), and the WhatsApp version is now 2.18.100. Hope this helps.

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