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Battery draining faster compared to Android 8.0


After updating to Android Oreo 8.1.0, I somewhat found that battery is draining faster as compared to 8.0.

I have already done battery optimisation for all apps,but in vain.

Is any one having the same issue?

Is anyone having any idea/tip to save battery life other than using "battery saver".

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The battery performance has degraded after Oreo 8.1 update in Nokia 8. The battery consumption now very high.
My advice is to wipe the system cache, this issue sounds familiar to me, I also experienced this after my Nexus 5x 8.1 update. A cache wipe fixed this issue for me. First of all, please make sure that you have already installed the ADB drivers on your computer. 1. Connect via USB cable to PC 2. Ensure ADB debugging is on and the "Transfer Files" mode is selected 3. At the command-line type: adb reboot recovery The phone will reboot to an image of an android robot on it's back with a red exclamation mark and "no command" written on the screen 4. When you see this, first hold the power button down and then, while still holding the power button, press Vol+ You should now be in the recovery menu You can use the volume buttons to navigate to "wipe cache partition" and the power button to confirm. Now reboot the phone, and it should be running fine again. Can you please confirm if this fixes your issue or not? I cannot try it myself as my Nokia 8 is running fine after the 8.1 update. (Even better as before)

I'm reading reports of Pixel 2 phones facing similar issues after the february security patch.

So i'm thinking this is related to that patch, and not so much to Android 8.1.

My Nokia 8 is going through the day just fine, but the overall length on a charge indeed falls shorter than it was before.

Thanks LennartB for your reply. As per my observation, February patch was released on 6th February for Nokia 8 as I had updated it. This date is before Oreo 8.1 update. Also, noted that there was another patch released along with Oreo 8.1. I don't know what to do.As per my knowledge, patches are for smooth working for any system. If patches are doing something which is not good for system,then it's bad on our part. Also,there are posts already in Beta 8.1 where users have already highlighted this issue. There is no answer to this query from Nokia whether this issue will be solved or not.
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