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Camera out of focus

Whenever I take my phone out to snap a picture - I can't focus it! I tried using one lenses, and two lenses - doesn't work. I have to brush intensively the lenses with my finger for it to focus. And it's absolutely not the dirt issue, as 1) I keep the phone clean and safe and 2) even after taking the first image, and not switching off the camera, going for the second image - it gets out of focus again! The moment that I want to capture is often gone by that time... And only disappointment is left. Same issue is with the video. Please resolve it! It's a huge drawback for the"flagship" phone in this day and age. And due to this issues and a lack of proprietary apps for music, photo viewing, weather updates, keyboard - I could not recommend this phone to already several people who wanted to buy.

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This sounds like a hardware issue, not software. I think you need to take your phone to a service centre for repair. As for proprietary apps for music, photos etc. You already have all of this supplied by Google. Google photos is brilliant, so is Google play music and so is the supplied Google keyboard and weather app. Their is no point in Nokia writing their own apps to do this when Google supplies apps that are perfectly adequate for most users, if you don't like the Google apps then the play store is your friend. If you want a device that has proprietary apps I suggest you look elsewhere because Nokia use Aosp android meaning they don't modify it, which was the main reason I purchased a Nokia 8, I certainly don't want them doing this and ending up with apps that I don't want and can't remove which waste storage space, been their, done that and got rid of it.
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