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Will NOKIA 2 receive OREO Update

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Try to register for Oreo Beta update... It's say Your phone is not supported to Oreo Beta update... Maybe Oreo beta for Nokia 2 is not ready now

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 bro you can go to beta labs and get it over ota but i suggest not to its buggy and lagging

Then wait for few more days for stable & official Oreo update realese for Nokia 2
Plz my mobail nokia 2 oreo 8.1 Pla unroll update nought 7.1.1 fast ota update

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My phone Nokia 2 Oreo update kab milega???
I think when they tweeted that the Nokia 2 would be getting oreo in june I think they meant 2019. Or perhaps 2020......

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Maybe in that year
i am live in iran no update my phone !!??
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