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nokia 6 camera video recorder pause

i can't find resume recording or pause recording option in camera in video recording mood.. this was in nougat. bt this also to be appear in oreo. my device Nokia 6(TA-1021/Android 8.0.0/patch Feb1"18) . is there any solve for this ??

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True. It creates a new video every time it stops. No continuation. And the two dots given at the base do not help to change from camera mode to video mode. They r just there...

Tech Wizard

HMD's Camera app in Nokia 6 was never able to pause/resume...

I agree the camera interface has become more clumsy with the Oreo update, and hope it is still work in progress!

- I wonder who came up with the idea to swipe the viewfinder area instead of the menu area on the screen to change between still image and video?
For me, it is more likely to change focus and lighting instead of changing camera mode, but maybe I'm just holding it wrong?

- I'm not impressed by the iPhone inspired camera interface and how it encourages people to record vertical videos and photos.

- Reset to default in the camera settings does not work properly (it does not clear the camera app cache).
- The separate settings page in video mode is not logical.

- Trying to lock focus and adjust the lighting by tapping an area in auto mode, goes back to auto if the phone is moved or shaken.

Open Camera by Mark Harman ... is my workaround, when more features and better control is needed. It's a small download, ad free and free to use (with the option to donate £2 for the project) until HMD sort out the built-in camera app.


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