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Battery Draining fast after oreo update

Android 7 Battery Backup was good.... but in Oreo its worse..... need immediate bug fixed update for this problem...

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Ya me too having same issue after oreo update... It sucks! Dropping 1 percnt every 2 mints 

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Yes, same here. My battery is draining like crazy, dropping 1% every few minutes. it was great before. I've even factory reset my phone and closed apps working in the background and it's still the same. It's even draining fast whilst it's on standby. It was great before oreo, even with all apps working in background, the battery would have lasted all day, and I was using my phone a lot. Any ideas what I can do anyone? Thanks

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I feel the same I've tried all of the support suggestions and nothing, clearing battery cache and forcing stop (battery saver system app) soft reset, and now I'll try to recalibrate my batery by making it go totally to 0% and charging the phone while turned off until 100% maybe then it will change something, I'll keep you guys informed

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Hello again after doing the batery calibration the problem remains, I guess only a newer update can save me now... Dam unstable software, the problem is the hurry up caused by brand competition, rather than quality updating..

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Hello, all the family has a Nokia 5, same issue of battery fastly drained. Even with tweaking every battery settings, we have like 24 hours of autonomy instead of 48.

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I noticed the same issue. Battery drain after the Oreo update. Thinking of rolling back to Nougat. I have discovered what is draining the battery though. It's a process called "Mobile Network Standby". FIX IT PLEASE!

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Hello, how do you roll back to Nougat?

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No, that's not true.The phone still consumes 7% for every hour of video, before and after the update which give my phone 13 + hours of video.With Oreo the phone easily lasts for one day of intensive use with lots to spare in the end of the day and can last for two days or more with normal use.To be fair the battery is the thing this phone have and for me this is the most important feature in a today's phone
Well for me it changed a lot, my battery lasted easily 2 days and it showed that on the batery usage graphic, now it doesn't at all..
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