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Sound problem, Camera interface

ive noticed after updating to oreo that theres a problem regarding sound quality, when listening through headphones, the volume goes up and down, which is not how it used to before installing oreo, ive read some of the post here, suggeting to disable dolby, and it did the trick temporarily, i still look forward to have a fix in this on upcoming updates from nokia, camera software, please remove the black background with the option buttons

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What do you mean by "black background with the options buttons"? Are you talking about the black bar at the bottom of the screen? If so, that's because you're capturing images in 4:3. You can go to the settings section of the camera to change the resolution.

thats it, the black bar at the bottom screen, i have had looked into the settings of the camera, and you're right its because of the aspect ratio, and there are two choices, 4:3 or 16:9, but the highest pixel is different for each other, 

Of course. The 16:9 images are actually cropped from 4:3 images so they are lower in resolution.

Regarding camera / photo resolution

(4:3) 16 MP is BETTER than (16:9) 12 MP.

Trust me.  The "black bar at the bottom of the screen" is a good thing.

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