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Battery performance consumption now high in Nokia 8 after Oreo 8.1 update

The battery performance has degraded after Oreo 8.1 update in Nokia 8. The battery consumption is now very high.

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Yes I also agree and battery performance should be improved.

It seems very hit and miss to me, one day it seems a bit rubbish and then out of the blue like yesterday i had 53% left at midnight after taking it off charge 17 hours earlier and with just shy of 5 hours SOT.

Entsprcht auch meinen Feststellungen. Bin aber auch der Meinung, dass dieses Problem mit der finalen 8.1.0. - Version stärker ausgeprägt ist. Bei der Beta - Variante hielt der Akku (noch) länger.
I too am facing battery issue after oreo8.1 update.battery drain is about 25% an hour even simply on youtube. Work it out nokia/hmd global.
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