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Camera Panorama Mode

After Android 8.0 update,the panorama mode is not working.When I turn panorama mode on, the camera is stopped and the camera application is shutting down.(TA-1033)

I reached the Nokia support line and it was solved.I cleaned up the data and started working.

Me tooo sama problem here.....
user1521183584363, please explain to me was it such big problem for you to fix the issue by clearing the data as user1509095757485 told above that you absolutely felt it necessary to dig up this one month old discussion thread and add your own contribution? Did you follow the fix that user1509095757485 gave? If you did, then why did you not mention anything about it. If you did not follow that fix, then why did you not? I hope HMD could find time to compile and to keep updated listS of currently known issues with detailed remedies to them where applicable (for all the phone models). The list should also show common fake claims. It seems that there is a bitter bashing party going on, on many discussion forums, against Nokia phones, for some unknown reason. So such lists would be very useful for for both the current owners and for those who consider the purchase.
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